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Product name:35kv self-standing MOA
Product's Performance:
The Core column applied winding structure, Polymer Housed core pillar molded on the core column, with almost no internal air gap, and outstanding sealing performance
Simple in structure, small in size and light in weight
Polymer Housed with flexible silicone rubber, explosion-proof
ZnO varistor as the core component is large in flow capacity which is much higher than that of the national standard GB11032, and with high reliability.
With fully insulated tops, the product can be applied to the complete cabinet installation, which can reduce the designing size of cabinet.
Products with detachment device can provide signals for quitting operation when failure occurs, avoiding arrester explosion, and it is maintenance-free.
Polymer housed products with a CTI level of six, creepage distance meets the requirements of IV level in heavy pollution areas.

Type YH5WX5-17/50 YH10WX5-17/50 YH5WX5-17/45 YH5WX5-17/46.4
Nominal System Voltage 10 10 10 10
Rated Voltage 17 17 17 17
Minmum Reference Voltage under 1 mA DC 25 25 25 25
voltage under  Steep Discharge Current  57.5 57.5 51.8 51.8
Residul voltage under 8/20 µs Lightning  Discharge Current  50 50 45 50
4/10 µs Large Current Shock Twice (KA) 65 100 65 65
2mS SW through-flow capacity A/18 150 150 150 150