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20kv -s13-Triangle structure three-dimenional wound ironcore power transformer

Product Name :20kv -s13-Triangle structure three-dimenional wound ironcore power transformer

Applicable Standards: GB1094.1-1996    GB1094.3-2003   GB/T 6451-2008 IEC60076,

Three-dimensional triangular core power transformer Profile
Power  transformers,electricity-based products  is extremely wide application. For decades, China and around  the world have a  long-term extension of  Insert-type power  transformers,  its performance has not been  fundamentally  improved. The Golden Triangle company developed S13-M-RL, S11-M-RL series three-dimensional triangular core power  transformer which  is  the core power  transformer  revolutionary generation,which  is more  reasonable,better performance, energy-saving and a new energy-efficient transformers. 
With the second urban and rural power grid construction and launched transformation of  the power, how  to  improve  the  technological content of power  transformer  to better  implement  the national energy-saving and environmental protection policies, and actively promote energy saving,  low consumption, environmental protection and application of new products has become an  important  issue. Three-dimensional core power  transformer produced by Golden Triangle  is a kind of  traditional materials, but much quieter,  reducing  in  the  loss and saving materials in  full compliance with  international and domestic  low-carbon economy and energy-saving emission  reduction policies and guidelines  . The product has been  incorporated  into  the national energy efficiency power plant  the  first batch of selected energy-saving products; national resource conservation and environmental protection of the central budget investment projects; State Economic and Trade Commission, the original Guodian Company has  issued a document  to promote  the energy-saving products; Shen power  transformer will promote  the  iron  triangle as a plug-piece core transformers, flat roll core power transformer as the replacement products.

Different sort of "core"
Triangular core without cutting, and no punching, eliminating  the traditional  transformer horizontal, vertical  joints,  reducing  the  reluctance; cross section appear a circular,core fill factor is the largest,triangle three-dimensional structure  to make  it equal  to  three-phase magnetic circuit, and the shortest.Realizing the ideal transformer core structure.
Triangular three-dimensional core is the continuous steel strip from the narrow to width, and then from wide to narrow. First winding three semi-circular cross-section  inner core,  then  three-dimensional  inner cores assembled together, and constitute the three a core pillar of the triangular cross-section similar  to a circular  three-dimensional core. Completely symmetrical  three-phase equivalent magnetic circuit, shortening  the iron yoke,  the core columns  fill  factor high,  its structure  is  recognized as  the  ideal structure of power  transformers, which  is  flat  roll core can not match,  the  tests showed a  triangle of  three-dimensional volume core power  transformer  is More  than  flat  items of  test data volume core power transformer, triangular three-dimensional core structure is a major breakthrough and  leap  for  the power  transformer core.Its birth known as  "core power  transformers  revolution." Therefore,  three-dimensional volume  triangular core power  transformer  is a  recognized as energy-saving, environmental protection, ultra-quiet green power transformer.

Saving energy, reducing noise
S13-M RL of new energy-efficient three-dimensional triangular
Compared  to S7  transformers with  the same capacity, 55% decline  in no-load loss, load loss decreased 33%, no-load current by 85%, and the noise down 8dB (A) ~ 13dB (A)
Compared with  the S9  transformers with same capacity,no-load  loss dropped 50%,load loss decreased 80%, no-load current down more than 80% noise down 8dB (A) ~ 11dB (A)
in comparison with GB S11 same capacity  transformers, no-load  loss decreased by 25%, and load loss decreased 80%, no-load current drops more than 80%, noise down 8dB (A) ~ 11dB (A)
Compared  to GB S13  laminated structure  in  the same capacity transformer, no-load current  is decreased by 70%, and  the noise down 5dB (A) ~ 8dB (A)

Three balance

Three-dimensional triangular wound core is composed of three identical single-frame mosaic  three hearts column was an equilateral  triangle arrangement,three column magnetic circuit length is exactly the same but the shortest and three hearts column loss is consistent, so three-phase is the balance.

Stable quality, production efficiency
Triangular wound core  three-dimensional volume  is  the core were carried out in the production line rolling same as the lat roll core , which is no need  the cross-cutting device, eliminating quality luctuations caused by Artiicial lamination, stacked, split iron yoke plug,5-6 working procedure decreasing compared with stacked core  transformer, so  its got high production eficiency, stable and reliable quality, and less affected by man-made factors.

Ability to enhance the anti-short circuit
Three-dimensional  triangular wound core  transformer device body structure determines its ability to withstand short circuit better than the lat type transformer.Reasons as followes:
Frame parts and pads are  located  in  the body of  the surrounding medium voltage platen pressed down with iron block, symmetrical three-phase force
Compared with  flat-shaped  layout of  the coil, Coil pressure area  is increased by 15.7%
Folder  items are classified as  three-dimensional  triangular  frame structure welded  into one, Due  to  the stability of  three-dimensional triangle,  their overall strength  is strong, and  three-phase  force  is  the same.

Due to technical reasons and, Stacked core transformer is easy to theft. Apart  the body of  the  fastener, will knock down  transformer silicon steel sheet, and  three winding and    transformer silicon steel sheet separated immediately, silicon steel sheet coil and other valuable materials,can easily be to steal away.
Because  the wound core  transformer core  is a whole, Core knock  to leave and not get down the coil. It is quite dificult to move out the whole core and coil, because a 100KVA transformer weight 400kg and 200kVA transformer weight 650kg.  It  is not easy  to separated  the silicon steel, copper and other valuable objects. Therefore, the wound core transformer with a good anti-theft.

Small Location, good looks
Wi th  compac t  s t ruc ture,  beautiful  appearance,  small location,Transformer  tank structure  is using similar  triangles, so  the volume is smaller than the conventional rectangular tank.

Good economy, Cost-effective
For  the same  level performance  laminated-type  transformers, Three-dimensional triangular wound core transformer got loss values decrease and cost reductions. So you can reduce the investment cost for the user, but also reduce annual operating costs.

Operating costs comparison of theyear
Parameter explain
Po ------------------- transformer no-load losses (KW) 
Io -------------------- transformer no-load current (%) 
Pk ------------------- transformer load loss (KW) 
Uk ------------------- transformer short-circuit impedance (%) 
Pn ------------------- transformer rated capacity (kVA) 
8760,3400 -------- transformer no-load running in one year, load hours (h) 
0.05 ----------------- reactive equivalent 
0.9 ------------------- electricity (yuan / kW.h) 
Note: Transformer no-load running throughout the year, load hours according to DL/T985-2005 <Distribution Transformer Energy Efficiency Technical and Economic 
Evaluation Guide> on the value of machinery industry. 
The standard above  is  reference values,  the actual production, are allowed  to have a certain error  in accordance with  the different performance indicators. 
S7, S9, S11-M.RL allow deviation standard: The total loss of +10%, no-load  loss or  load  loss at +15% according  to GB1094.1-1996 <Power Transformer Part 1 General Provisions> 9. 
S13-M.RL states:  the  transformer no-load  loss value of 3% allowed deviation should be within  5% for load loss, the total loss should be within 4% according to China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. enterprise standard Q / CSG 11624-2008,5.7.


Note: S7, S11-M GB transformer  No-load loss value = GB values +8%,   load loss value = GB values +8%, Total value loss = GB+8%