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  Welcome To ZhongDian        
ZhongDian is one specialized enterprise regarding " guided by technique , keep innovating and improving "as aim, taking good faith service as objective that is engaged in producing electric voltae transformer,instrument transformer and other products of same kind, our corporation has pass ISO international quality system attestation,for many years,we has gained many credits as"AAA class credit enterprise" and "advanced enterprise in trade" etc. Our corporation owns advanced perfect production and testiong equipment , and has formed exquesite manufacture-craft and the product design characteristics.The SC(B)epoxy dry voltage transformer of our company is produced on base
ZhongDian Quick Facts:
Founded: 1992
No. of Employees:500

Revenue in 2011: US$10 millions
Delivered MVA in 2011: ten milion KVA
69KV and below: 12,070 units
Manufacturing Capacity: 60,000MVA, 750KV
Average fabrication time 50 days
More than 20 years of trials and hardships, we from small to large, from weak to strong